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Why is Ronaldo not getting number 7 Jersey at Man-United?

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester United after 12 years. He has won the Champions League, the English Premier League, and the Ballon d’Or for the club. Manchester United is the club where Ronaldo became the famous ‘CR7’. However, Ronaldo may not be seen in the number 7 jersey even if he returns to Manchester United.

According to the rules of the English Premier League, a player must end the season in the number of jerseys in which he starts the league. Uruguayan star Edinson Cavani has already played in the Premier League for Manchester United in the No. 7 jersey.

What will be Ronaldo Jersey Number at Man United?

Ronaldo Wearing Numer 7 Jersey at Juventus

The M5 rules of the Premier League state that a player must wear the same jersey number throughout the season. However, if a player changes teams in the middle of the league, then someone from the old club can wear his number jersey. So if Ronaldo is to wear the number 7 jersey this season, Cavani will have to leave the club. There is another way open in front of ManU. Ronaldo can get the number 7 jersey if he can get special permission from the authorities of the Premier League.

What does Man United have to do now for Ronaldo jersey number?

The number of jerseys to be worn in Spanish La Liga is finalized at the end of August, but in the Premier League, it is decided at the beginning of the season. So there is an obstacle to wear Ronaldo’s number 7 jersey. Although he could not be in the Premier League, Ronaldo is not barred from wearing the number 7 jersey in the Champions League. In that case, it is a matter of wondering whether ManU will wear two types of jerseys for the two tournaments.

Ronaldo played for Sporting Lisbon wearing the number 27 jersey. He played in the number 9 jersey in his first year at Real Madrid. Gold.com says that no one is wearing the jerseys numbered 12, 15, 24, 30, 31, 33, and 35 in Manchester now. Ronaldo will have to choose from there. But in the end, it remains to be seen which jersey number Ronaldo wears at Manchester United.

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Ronaldo is going to join the old Man-United after 12 years | Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer

Cristiano Ronaldo transfer rumors finally came to an end. Ronaldo finally joined the old camp So called Red Devils Manchester United after putting an end to all speculations. The 36-year-old Portuguese star’s return to Manchester United for two years, surpassing Real, PSG and Man City, is a dramatic event.

Ronaldo old picture in Man-City

Ronaldo, who left Real three years ago, had another one-year contract with Juventus. Last year there were rumors about whether or not to stay in Turin, but nothing was confirmed. Talks of his transfer were decided after visiting Real Madrid and PSG in Man City two days ago. City also finalized a two-year deal with Ronaldo’s agent and a 15 million euro salary after failing to wait for Harry Kane. However, Pep Guardiola’s side did not agree to pay the transfer fee for the Portuguese captain.

What Juventus said about Cristiano Ronaldo transfer?

Juventus, meanwhile, have made it clear they will not leave him without a ribbon. Juventus refused to pay the fee so that Man City did not contact with them. Manchester United came to the scene dramatically. The Glazer family, which owns the club, has asked legendary coach Sir Aleppo Ferguson to talk to Ronaldo. Soon after, Ronaldo began talking to the former coach and quickly began paperwork at Old Trafford. That is how Cristiano Ronaldo transfer process Continued.

How much is Ronaldo’s salary in Manchester United?

Ronaldo-Juventus to Man-City rumor

Ronaldo, meanwhile, said goodbye to Juventus team-mates in Turin, with- Massimiliano Allegri saying CR7 had told him to leave the club. A couple of hours later, Manchester United sent an official offer to Juventus to buy Ronaldo. According to Italian media, the English club has offered a transfer fee of 26 million euros. But whatever the fee, the good news for Ronaldo is that he is returning to the club, where he first set foot outside his home country, in the city where he spent six years before moving to Real Madrid!

He joined Manchester United in the first leg in 2003 and scored 117 goals in 292 appearances for United in the jersey until 2009. Ronaldo joined Real Madrid from Manchester United. From there, the Portuguese superstar returned to United after a long 12-year tour of Juventus.

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Olympic Football: Brazil is in the final | Olympic Games 2020.

Brazil went one step further in its mission to retain a gold medal in Olympic football. The Brazilians lost Mexico in the semi-final and advanced to the final. In the final, Brazil will face the second semi-final winner of Spain and Japan.

I have to say that Brazil survived today. A few days ago, the Brazilians could not win the title by organizing Copa America at home. They lost in the final against arch-rivals Argentina. The Brazilians had a vision for the Olympics. But Brazil’s progress in girls’ football stopped in the last sixteen. The only hope for Brazil in the Olympics is the boys’ football event. Today it was a big shock. Mexico has taken a tough test of Brazil in the semi-final fight.

Richardson Is playing as a spell in 2021 Olympic Football

Brazil was the best team in the field fight. The Richardsons have made one attack after another. But the Mexican defense and 36-year-old experienced goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa did not allow Brazil to score in the allotted 90 minutes or even in the extra 30 minutes. So the Olympic Football Was getting harder for the both teams. Later the match ended in a penalty shootout. Guillermo Ochoa could not stop Brazil there. Brazil won 4-1 and made it to the final. Brazil scored the first four shots. Mexico, on the other hand, failed both of their first three shots. Eduardo’s weak shot was easily blocked by Brazil goalkeeper Santos. Like the rest in the post. As a result, Mexico scored in the third shot, but Brazil scored in the fourth shot to determine the outcome of the match.

Richardson – Brazil Forward

Brazil could have taken the lead in the tenth minute of the match on Tuesday (August 3) at the Kashima Soccer Stadium. Mexico’s experienced goalkeeper Ochea disappointed. He blocked a shot from six yards out of Guillermo Arana. Brazil got a penalty in the 28th minute, but the referee later changed the decision in VAR.

Mexico had a chance to advance before the break. But Uriel Antuna could not use the ball in the gap. In the 85th minute, the footballers of the two teams got involved in a scuffle. The referee came and calmed down the situation. Brazil missed the goal in the 62nd minute.

Richardson’s header from captain Dani Alvez’s cross also bounced off the inside bar. The game was played in extra time as there were no goals in the allotted time. If there is no goal, the match is played in a penalty shootout. The last smile of Brazil.

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Marcell Jacobs on Bolt’s throne surprisingly in the Olympic 100m sprint

Fred Carly from the United States, Andre de Grass from Canada, Akani Symbine from South Africa … all eyes were on them! China’s Bingtian Su ran the semifinals with a time of 9.63 seconds. How many more bets did he make on Marcell Jacobs of Italy?

But in the 100 meters of the Tokyo Olympics, Jacobs surprised everyone today. The 26-year-old Italian won the gold by finishing the race in 9.60 seconds. Fred Carly finished silver in 9.84 seconds, while Andre de Grass-finished bronze in 9.89 seconds.

100 meters in the Olympics means it is Usain Bolt’s event! The Jamaican legendary sprinter has won gold in the previous three Olympics, Beijing 2006, London 2012, and Rio 2016. The Olympic record (9.83, at the London Olympics) and the world record (9.58, in Berlin in 2009) were recognized by King Bolt in the 6,100 meters.

Marcell Jacobs destroy all the Calculations!

Who will sit on the throne of Bolt, who retired in 2016, is as much speculation as there was around the 100 meters of the Tokyo Olympics. Johan Blake, who had a great rivalry with Bolt at the 2012 Olympics, was knocked out in the semifinals. Andre de Grass, who ran with Bolt at the Rio Olympics, was the most talked about in the final. The United States and African countries are the most talked about countries in the sprint, which is why the names of the athletes from these countries were also in the discussion.

But Marcell Jacobs changed all calculations! On the way to winning gold, he broke the European record in 100 meters twice. He set a new European record for the first time by running in 9.84 seconds in the semi-final, surpassing himself in the final!

At the beginning of the race, however, the Tokyo Olympics saw a push. Jarnell Hughes of Great Britain was knocked out before the flute market (Falls Start). Is that what made gold and silver win Jacob’s and Carly’s advantage? Hughes was in Lane 4, he was dropped, so Jacobs in Lane 3 and Carly in Lane 5 had a chance to run!

Of course, it must be used! Of the three medalists, Jacobs had the most reaction time. Where Carly started the race in 0.128 seconds, De Grass started in 0.155 seconds, Jacobs started in 0.181 seconds. Carly was ahead for about 40 meters, but after crossing 30 meters, Jacobs dropped his long legs (stride) and increased his speed, crossing Carly in about 60 meters.

Who are the Silver and Bronze Medalists in the 2021 Olympic 100 meter Sprint?

Three medalists – gold medalist Marcell Jacobs (center), silver medalist Carly (left), and bronze medalist De Grass

In the end, both of them were in a gold-silver battle. De Grass, who was running a little slower at the beginning, was skeptical about whether he would get bronze in the middle of the race. But in the end, De Grass won the bronze with a great run. Interestingly, all three have had the best timing of their careers today. But in the end, Jacobs shocked everyone!

He was born to an Italian mother in El Paso, Texas, USA. But he moved to Italy at an early age, so Italy will claim full credit for his achievement. Of course, Italy will want to give a share of such achievement – or why! Stay away from gold in the 100 meters with both boys and girls in the Olympics, Italy had won the medal only once before. Giuseppe Lyon won bronze in the women’s 100m at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Click to read Olympic Football: quarter-finals Update

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Who is taking Usain Bolt’s throne? | Olympic Games 2021.

The world will know who will be crowned the winner of the 100 meter run of the most interesting event of the Olympic Games 2021, boys, after running for 10 seconds on Sunday.

Everyone is working on a special thrill to know the result of the 100-meter race of this year’s Tokyo Olympics. In the last three Olympics, Jamaican star Usain Bolt has dominated the boys’ 100 meters. Bolt retired shortly after the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 100-meter king’s throne is currently empty. The Tokyo Olympics are special because, after three consecutive Olympics, a new ‘fastest human’ gift is available here.

It is already being speculated that this year’s fastest human battle is fierce enough. More than one sprinter has watched the 100 meters semi-final and final. Everyone has done great from their respective places, so it is not possible to say for sure the name of Bolt’s successor. And that’s why this year’s sprint fight is becoming even more interesting.

100m Sprint will make another history or not ?

The 100-meter semifinals were hit before Saturday. Andre de Grass of Canada finished the race with a time of 9.91 seconds. Usain Bolt won gold in the 100m at the last Rio Olympics with a time of 9.60 seconds. His world record is 9.56 seconds, the timing he set at the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Bolt won gold in the 100 meters at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a time of 9.69 seconds. It was 9.84 at the 2012 London Olympics. Can anyone break Bolt’s Olympic record this time(Olympic Games 2021)?

Many people look at the grass. But Bolt’s compatriot Johan Blake is in Tokyo. This Blake hit took time 10.06. Another Jamaican runner, Ablik Seville, took 10.04. Grass-finished the race right after Bolt and Johan Blake at the Rio Olympics. This time, he will have an eye on the timing of the hit. The discussion in the media has already started about Grace. Many are looking at this Canadian sprinter as much as possible in the post-Bolt era.

World Will get new Champion in the 2021 Olympic ?

I am keeping an eye on a few more people in Olympic Games 2021. Italy’s Lamont Marcel also did well in yesterday’s hit. He clocked 9.94 seconds. Inokh Adego, Nigeria’s most infamous sprinter, clocked 9.96 seconds. If he bets this time, then there will be nothing to be surprised. Ronnie Baker of the United States should also be kept in mind. Before coming to the Olympics, Baker’s timing in the trial in the United States was 9.75 seconds. He hit 10.01 seconds.

There will also be an eye on Trevon Brummel in the United States. A few days ago, he came to notice with a time of 9.8 seconds. He took 9.60 seconds in the Olympic trial.

The fight to replace Bolt will go well this evening — it is to be hoped. (Tatjana Schoenmaker break a world record in Olympic Games 2020. Read Here

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