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I’m a child expert… these are my FIVE top tips for travelling with kids this summer


A BBC newsreader-turned-child therapist has revealed her five tips for travelling with children this summer. 

Kate Silverton, 53, enjoyed a long TV career presenting a string of BBC News shows as well as performing on Strictly Come Dancing.

But she qualified as a child therapist in 2023 and released a parents’ guide called called ‘There’s No Such Thing As Naughty’ earlier this year.

As summer holiday season approaches, she has revealed her five tips for travelling with your family – from ditching the smartphones to careful planning.

Kate Silverton, 53, who you may recognise from her string of BBC presenting gigs, has partnered with lastminute.com to teach parents how best to travel with kids

Kate Silverton, 53, who you may recognise from her string of BBC presenting gigs, has partnered with lastminute.com to teach parents how best to travel with kids

Kate has revealed her five tips for travelling with children this summer (stock image of a family)

Kate has revealed her five tips for travelling with children this summer (stock image of a family)

1. Leave the screens behind 

Kate’s first tip is to leave the screens behind and travel with a small bag or rucksack stuffed with colouring pens, a word search book, a family game like Bananagrams, picture books to colour in together, or books to read side by side. 

When travelling, we want to engage the seeking and curious part of our children’s brains. 

Otherwise, boredom may lead to behaviour that unconsciously creates ‘drama’ in order for a child to feel engaged.

2. Plan your packing 

Kate’s second tip concerns packing. She stressed that even though the decision to take off for a few days may be last minute, your packing does not need to be.

Give careful thought to all the things your children might need while you are away: whether it’s medication, a first aid kit, games, water bottles, or appropriate clothes.  

3. Manage your expectations 

Kate’s third bit of advice related to managing your expectations when away on a family holiday as being over-ambitious about what can be achieved on a short trip can spoil the sense of spontaneity. 

Choose one or two things you all want to do as a family, and let the magic of just being present together do the rest.

4. Finances

The ex-broadcaster said you should choose a trip that doesn’t strain your finances. 

She said: The beauty of spontaneity lies in the quality time it allows you to spend with your family, not in the worry it brings to your bank balance. 

‘Some of my most cherished memories are when we packed our tent and set of  for a camping adventure in the UK. 

‘It’s the spontaneity and the precious moments with our children that truly matter’. 

5. Be a confident ‘leader’

‘Whether you are solo or parenting as a team, things will happen, such as missed flights, delayed trains, or cars that break down. 

‘It’s often the difficult times that offer us rich learning experiences, allowing us to demonstrate that it’s ok, things happen, and we can still make it through. 

‘These are the experiences that help to build resilience and will see our children embrace change later in life, and be spontaneous too’.

According to research by Lastminute.com  as many as 79 per cent of parents, based on a sample size of 2,000 feel there are certain things they want to enjoy with their children before they fly the nest. 

They also found that 59 percent are currently working through a family bucket list to make sure they see all the places they want, with the whole family sitting down and working together to decide where to go next.

One in three Brits want to swim in the crystal-clear lagoons in the Maldives, while a further 31 percent would love to dive into and explore the Great Barrier Reef with their children.

On average Brits take four family holidays a year, budgeting £2,200 per trip. Over half (56 percent) say that they are having to budget more now than five years ago. 

The 30 travel experiences Brits want to do with their kids before they fly the nest 

  1. Go up the Empire State Building – 37%
  2. Visit Pompeii, Italy – 35%
  3. Explore the Valley of the Kings in Egypt – 34%
  4. See the Northern Lights in Reykjavik – 33%
  5. Swim in the crystal-clear lagoons of the Maldives – 31%
  6. Swim in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – 31%
  7. See Times Square at night – 27%
  8. Marvel at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City – 26%
  9. Eat a margarita pizza in Naples – 26%
  10. Island hop in Greece – 23%
  11. Go whale watching in Iceland – 23%
  12. See the Colosseum in Rome – 22%
  13. Eat an ice cream overlooking Lake Garda in Italy – 21%
  14. Visit Lapland and go on a husky sleigh safari – 21%
  15. Take a picture ‘holding up’ the Leaning Tower of Pisa – 21%
  16. Get a selfie under the Eiffel Tower in Paris – 20%
  17. Explore the Grand Canyon in Arizona – 20%
  18. Visit the White House in Washington DC – 19%
  19. Drive Route 66 across America – 19%
  20. Stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles – 18%
  21. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, Paris – 18%
  22. Visit the Parthenon in Athens – 17%
  23. Wander around the souks of Marrakech – 17%
  24. Eat snails in a French bistro on the left bank of Paris – 16%
  25. Take a gondola ride in Venice – 15%
  26. See the Sydney Opera House, Australia – 15%
  27. Learn to surf in Hawaii – 15%
  28. Take the Lord of the Ring tour in New Zealand – 15%
  29. Watch ‘Old Faithful’ blow in Yellowstone National Park – 14%
  30. Drink an espresso while looking out at Lake Como in Italy – 13%

And when it comes to choosing where the family goes on holiday, it has been long assumed that mothers are the driver of the decision-making. Today however, 45% claim the whole family does it together and 20% saying everyone contributes. 

Reigo Eljas, Director of Dynamic Packaging at lastminute.com said: ‘It’s clear to see that British parents see the value in travelling with their children and showing them the wonders of the world.

‘However, as we get older it seems less likely we make a decision to jet off and explore the world.

‘Our latest booking data shows that families tend to be the biggest forward planners, with nearly 50% booking between 5 to 12 weeks in advance of travel. 

‘This year, our top five family destinations span from the traditional sun, sea and sand to a big dose of culture with the Turkish Riviera at the number one spot, following Tenerife, Majorca, Marrakech and Paris..

Kate added: ‘Change can often feel unsettling which can often hamper spontaneity! But showing our children that change can be exciting and in discovering the wonders of the world as a family, we offer them a gift that lasts a lifetime.  











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