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New Hot Fuzz Funko POP Fires Two Guns Whilst Jumping Through the Air


Police Constable Nicholas Angel: born and schooled in London, graduated Canterbury University in 1993 with a double first in Politics and Sociology. Attended Hendon College of Police Training. Displayed great aptitude in field exercises, notably Urban Pacification and Riot Control, received a Baton of Honour, graduated with distinction into the Metropolitan Police Service, received nine special commendations in a single year, and achieved the highest arrest record for any officer in the Met. Perhaps that’s why he’s been recruited for the new “Funko Fusion” video game, which is where this “Hot Fuzz” Funko POP is coming from.

In “Funko Fusion,” gamers get to play in worlds inspired by some of their favorite movies and TV shows, with the Funko POP versions of familiar characters starring in the game. “Jurassic Park,” “Back to the Future,” “Jaws,” “The Thing,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” and “Hot Fuzz” are just some of the movies included in the game, while “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Umbrella Academy,” “Invincible,” and “Masters of the Universe” bring some TV action to the proceedings. The game has over 60 playable characters across more than 20 different franchises, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more to come. It looks similar to the LEGO video games, which are actually a lot of fun. Here’s a teaser trailer, if you’re curious about the game itself:

As for that “Hot Fuzz” Funko POP, it’s available for pre-order right now at Funko’s website. Along with the Funko POP, you’ll also get a redeemable code for an in-game item for “Funko Fusion.” There will also be new Funko POPs from John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” the Blumhouse horror hit “M3GAN,” and more released in conjunction with the game.

In the trailer above, you’ll also notice that some of the other characters from “Hot Fuzz” have been turned into digital Funko POP characters, and we’re hoping that at least Danny Butterman gets turned into a Funko POP. I’d hate for Nicholas Angel to be sitting on a shelf by himself.

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