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Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick Is Back To Show Those TikTok Doofuses How It’s Done


Bill Hader is laughing almost immediately, with Glick’s energetic but half-hearted introduction of the “SNL” cast member. But it’s two minutes in where Hader absolutely loses it, when Glick explains what he imagines what “SNL” creator and executive producer Lorne Michael (who may be on the verge of retirement) must smell like. It’s the kind of genuine, hearty laughter you love to see comedians pushing through, because you know it’s real. And that’s not the last time, either. Hader might laugh more than any other interview subject that Glick has had over the years; he’s fully tearing up with laughter. 

It’s amazing how timeless Jiminy Glick is too, despite the fact that all of his pop culture references seem to be dated. After all, as Glick explains to giggling Hader, he still has a beef with HBO for canceling “Arli$$,” the comedy series starring Robert Wuhl that aired from 1996 to 2002. Of course, those references don’t last more than a split second, because Glick’s mind moves at breakneck speed, and we’re crashing into the next non sequitur with barely any room to breathe. “Willie Mays just died.” And now I’m dead from laughing so hard. 

This is the kind of material you’d love to have to help promote an upcoming movie or TV show, and that’s because it’s sharp satire. Making a mockery out of something that’s inherently silly like the red carpet still requires more than a pathetic gimmick that makes teenagers laugh for a few seconds while they’re sucking on vape pens and chewing on Peelerz (that’s a gummy candy that TikTok has made very popular, look it up.) Martin Short is a comedy legend, and this kind of hearty laughter feels effortless, even though it’s the result of plenty of writing, training, and experience.

So studios, stop throwing TikTok babies onto the red carpet to promote your movies or TV shows. Either get Jiminy Glick or get a professional journalist who knows what they’re doing. If you want to hear more praise for Jiminy Glick, listen to the latest episode of the /Film Daily podcast below:

Martin Short is guest hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week, and Jiminy Glick will be guest hosting the show on Thursday, June 27, 2024.

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