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A Quiet Place: Day One Ending Explained


Although “A Quiet Place: Day One” keeps things relatively small-scale, the final stretch feels bigger due to our investment in these two characters and their loyal, scene-stealing kitty. When they finally make their way to her old pizza joint Patsy’s, they find it a burned-out husk following the chaos of the alien invasion. Understandably, Sam all but despairs that the universe has refused her this one final wish.

That is, until Eric offers his best suggestion yet and asks where they could find her father’s old jazz club Loetta’s. When they arrive, one of the film’s most beautiful scenes features Eric cheering her up with a dorky performance as a would-be magician pulling off a funny card trick, some smooth whiskey, and even a pizza pie from a nearby place (with a well-meaning “Patsy’s” hastily scribbled by Eric on the pizza box). Now, even without saying a word, it’s clear that Sam feels she can finally die in peace. But one final set piece remains in the way, as the two hear one of the evacuating ships making its way downriver and towards safety. In a touching gesture that hits unexpectedly hard, Sam gifts Eric her bright-yellow cardigan and her beloved cat Frodo so they can make their escape while she stays behind and causes a distraction for the onlooking (on-hearing?) aliens.

Once Eric and Frodo barely make it aboard and Sam’s voiceover takes over, reading the goodbye note she left with Eric, she takes her iPod and takes one last walk. With Nina Simone’s recording of “Feeling Good” blaring and her stomach full of adequate pizza, she allows the darkness to take her … and it’s the most hopeful, optimistic ending of the year.

“A Quiet Place: Day One” is currently playing in theaters.

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