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Day One? The Most Confusing Scene Explained


The aspect of the creatures using humans to grow their own food, and how it ties into the series as a whole, was the real point of including this new bit of lore, as Sarnoski clarified:

“So it just kind of is hinting at, at the end of the day, these are farmers and they have a little bit of a family dynamic to them, which I thought I liked that idea, especially coming off the first ‘Quiet Place’ that’s about a rural farming family.”

While this scene is only one highlight in a film full of great moments and performances, it may be the single best scene to illustrate why Sarnoski was the perfect person to take the baton of the franchise from Krasinski. In essence, it demonstrates that Sarnoski more than honors the “Quiet Place” tradition of world-building in the margins of the film, making this franchise stand in stark contrast to so many genre series that deliver information to the audience through info-dump monologues, on-screen graphics and the like.

“A Quiet Place” has been about the characters and their immediate experiences from the start, meaning that we the audience have to piece together what we can in the same way the characters do, and what they don’t know, we don’t know. In other words, this lore confusion is a feature, not a bug, and it’s a storytelling device that allows for discoveries like this lunch scene, a moment that is made that much more intriguing and chilling than if someone had blurted out an explanation on camera. Chew on this: “A Quiet Place” is a special franchise, and “Day One” may be its best entry.

“A Quiet Place: Day One” is in theaters now.

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