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Here’s Why A Grand Theft Auto Movie Never Happened


It’s important to examine Houser’s proclamation that it’s a different time now. In recent years, we’ve seen a massive shift in video game adaptations. Movies like “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Detective Pikachu” certainly helped break the curse, only for last year’s “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s” to become unqualified blockbuster smash hits. In some cases, critics still aren’t on the side of these movies, but audiences are responding to them, which is more important in the end. But there are major critical success stories too, such as director Josh Ruben’s “Werewolves Within.”

On the small screen, things are arguably even more promising. Netflix’s “Castlevania” series remains one of the more heralded video game adaptations of any kind. We’ve also had huge hits such as “The Last of Us,” which broke viewership records for HBO, and “Fallout” on Amazon Prime Video. The point is, there is no longer a presumption that video game adaptations are going to stink.

It’s remarkably easy to see why “Grand Theft Auto” would be an attractive bit of IP to chase. 2013’s “Grand Theft Auto V” alone has sold more than 200 million copies and generated more than $8.5 billion since its release. The series, overall, has sold more than 425 million units, with “Grand Theft Auto VI” on the way next year. The audience is massive.

So, what about the future? Could Rockstar circle back around to Hollywood now that things have changed? Could people like Houser be given some creative control for a TV show or movie set within the world of “GTA”? It doesn’t seem as unlikely as it once did but it does seem like Hollywood needs this IP more than it needs Hollywood.

“Grand Theft Auto VI” is set to arrive in 2025.

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