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The Bear Season 3 Ending Explained: The Reviews Are In


Heading into season 4, fans are left with several intriguing questions. Will The Bear be kaput now that Cicero seems to be about to pull funding, or is there a chance one of Carmy’s seemingly endless line of famous chef friends could pull some strings and secure more money? Would he ever simply get it together and decide to stop wasting ingredients for the sake of his livelihood? And, importantly, will Sydney be around to see that, or will she hit the road since Carmen keeps forgetting to cherish her?

Frankly, Sydney deserves better than Carm, a character who started off as a sympathetic screw-up but has become an unforgivable party pooper and member of the fictional bad bosses hall of fame. If she can’t let The Bear go, I for one hope she stages a coup, righting the ship with the help of the more than capable staff that’s been underestimated all season. More likely, though, she’ll start a restaurant with her pal Adam, and if the TV gods can let us have one good thing, she’ll start a fling with Luca while she’s at it.

Where will that leave Carmy? All his talk of legacy and running out of time this season — not to mention his constant caressing of his own burn scar — made me fear he’d attempt suicide (his late brother took his own life before the show began), but he seems less headed towards oblivion and more stuck in an angry, passively self-destructive rut. While a perfectly happy protagonist doesn’t always make good TV, an eternally mopey one doesn’t either: Hopefully Carm finds some balance next season, for all our sakes. Meanwhile, it seems likely that we’ll see a wedding between Richie’s ex and her new beau, while Sugar will probably try to juggle parenting and helping to keep the family business afloat.

The rest of the team’s future depends on what happens to the restaurant they all worked so hard to build, but fans will have to wait until season 4 to find out whether or not The Bear has any fight left in it.

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