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Glen Powell’s Worst Movie On Rotten Tomatoes


“Misconduct” currently has a 7% Rotten Tomatoes score. That’s based on 27 reviews, which is a big enough group to make any prospective viewer question whether they really need to see “Misconduct.” Whereas some movies on RT suffer from a lack of reviews which can often make their overall critic score seem dubious at best, “Misconduct” has a solid base of critical evaluation, with 12 of the 27 reviews coming from top critics.

All of which means you can be pretty sure the movie is no good, although it should be said that Rotten Tomatoes is not the final word on the quality of filmmaking. This is, after all, the site that suggests there are only two perfect sci-fi movies in the history of film and the only two perfect features Alfred Hitchcock ever made are 1943’s “Shadow of a Doubt” and 1937’s “Young and Innocent.” Rotten Tomatoes has also been hacked several times, so there’s every reason to be distrustful of its percentage scores.

But when it comes to “Misconduct,” it’s hard to argue against its 7% score when The Observer dubbed the film “so hilariously inept that it’s almost worth watching.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, or perhaps the first page of a sizable indictment against the film, which The Telegraph noted “may actually be the worst film either Anthony Hopkins or Al Pacino have ever starred in.” What you might notice, however, is that Glenn Powell hasn’t yet come under much fire for being an accomplice to this particular cinematic crime, so is it fair to label this Powell’s worst?

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