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Is This the Best Date Night Perfume? One E! Editor Thinks So


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If you’re reading this, we have something in common: we both love Juliette Has A Gun fragrances.

The perfume brand is behind several of our reader-loved, bestselling fragrance options. And it’s not just E! readers who love it; E! editors love Juliette Has A Gun perfumes too.

An editors swears that one particular Juliette Has A Gun scent gets her compliments every time she wears it. Another editor is obsessed with the high quality of the glass perfume bottle and the richness of each fragrance note. 

Instead of just telling you to invest in a fragrance discovery set (such tiny samples, and you always end up with a few you don’t like), we decided to put our noses to the test and give some of the brand’s most popular scent options a whiff. And out of all the delicious scents, there was a clear staff favorite. 

We tested five perfumes from the brand, all with very different notes. We smelled vanilla and musk-forward options, a sparkling fruity fragrance, woody ambroxan-filled scents, a unique raspberry scent, and a romantic fragrance one editor says will be her “signature scent” on a night out.

And just because it’s a great perfume doesn’t mean it has to come with a great big price tag. In fact, all of these fragrances are on sale now. 

Discover your new favorite Juliette Has A Gun fragrance, and shop a staff favorite below!


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