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‘My Life With The Walter Boys’ Will Have A Sequel, Author Ali Novak Says


The hit Netflix series My Life with the Walter Boys is coming back for the next chapter of main character Jackie’s story.

The sequel is anticipated to be out April 15, 2025, Novak said to Today.com.

“I didn’t really need to find inspiration to write the sequel because I’ve always wanted to write it,” she says.

The young adult romance My Life with the Walter Boys had protagonist Jackie moving to Colorado to live with Katherine and George Walter and their 12 kids. That causes a cute boy dilemma between 17-year-old Cole and 16-year-old Alex. Novak herself was 15 when she wrote the story on Wattpad.

In the 2023 Netflix version, actors Nikki Rodriguez (Jackie), Noah LaLonde (Cole), Ashby Gentry (Alex) and Sarah Rafferty (Katherine) were cast.

Netflix renewed My Life with the Walter Boys for Season Two in December 2023.

Novak’s next book is My Return to the Walter Boys.

“I think it’s a very fitting title because not only is Jackie returning to the Walter boys, but I’m also returning to this world after many, many years,” Novak says.

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