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Superman Movie Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense


Following the success of “Superman: The Movie,” Richard Donner went to work finishing “Superman II,” most of which he filmed while shooting the original film. As mentioned above, Donner was replaced by Richard Lester after disagreements with the producers, resulting in a sillier, albeit still effective, sequel.

Lester returned for “Superman III” and the British auteur crafted a largely comedic followup focused on the Man of Steel’s battle against a wealthy industrialist (Robert Vaughn) and a goofy computer genius named Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor). Largely panned by critics and audiences, “Superman III” marks an enormous step down from the first two films in terms of quality, despite the sensational Evil Superman vs. Superman junkyard dustup.

Nevertheless, some fans argue the picture contains more depth than meets the eye. Reddit user Necronamakahn suggests that the villain Brainiac operated behind-the-scenes and aided Gus’ superhuman computer abilities. “My theory is that Brainiac was in orbit and responsible for said events,” Necronamakahn writes. “Gaining access to the computer Gus was using and, through subliminal messaging and suggestion, gave him the knowledge on how to hack computers as well as the schematics to the super computer they later built.”

I like the theory. Unfortunately, as others point out in the comments, Necronamakahn likely put more thought into the story than Lester or his writers. However, it should be noted that Donner’s plan for “Superman III” initially included Brainiac, according to the 13th Dimension (per ScienceFiction.com).

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