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What Simpsons Actors Are In Godzilla 1998?


A “Simpsons” fan was eager to ask Azaria about why there were so many “Simpsons” actors in “Godzilla,” and Azaria was up front, saying: 

“Dean Devlin, an old friend and the producer and writer of ‘Godzilla,’ is a big ‘Simpsons’ fan and purposely put all three of us in the movie.” 

Devlin previously co-wrote the screenplays for “Stargate” and “Independence Day,” both with Emmerich. He also produced high-profile Hollywood features like Emmerich’s “The Patriot,” the spider flick “Eight-Legged Freaks,” “Flyboys,” and “Transit.” His directorial debut came in 2017 with the ultra-silly bad weather thriller “Geostorm” (unrelated to the ’90s sedan, the Geo Storm). Prior to his writing/producing/directing career, Devlin also worked as an actor, appearing in several notable flicks of the 1980s. He played a liquor store clerk in the Cameron Crowe-scripted film “The Wild Life” as well as the B-sci-fi movie “City Limits,” once featured on “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” He was also in the hit comedy “Real Genius,” as well as Emmerich’s own “Moon 44.” 

Did Devlin have any direct professional connections to “The Simpsons?” No, he didn’t. Like so many of us, he was merely a fan and used “Godzilla” as an excuse to work with several of its cast members. Some might say that filling “Godzilla” with comedians was ill-advised, but several of Toho’s “Godzilla” movies also featured comedic characters; the 1966 Godzilla film “Ebirah, Horror of the Deep” begins with a dance contest and a boat heist. So perhaps Devlin was merely tapping into filmmaker Jun Fukuda’s Godzilla instincts. 

Godzilla would repay Devlin’s favor by appearing in a 1999 episode of “The Simpsons” called “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo.” He would fight Mothra, Rodan, and Daiei’s famed monster Gamera.

It’s all about tit-for-tat in Hollywood. 

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