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Bones’ Tamara Taylor Spilled Sham Spoilers About The Show


What is it that people love about “Bones”? If I had to put my finger on it, I might say that, unlike other frequently grisly network procedurals, it had a real dorky side. Deschanel and Boreanaz worked overtime to get viewers invested in their characters as much as their weekly murder cases. That also meant being willing to make Bones and Booth come across as the awkward, lovable dweebs that they are.

In keeping with that spirit, Taylor dropped some fake spoilers for the “Bones” series finale that ranged from groan-inducing (“You’ll finally get to meet Bones’ sister: Muscles.”) to confusing (“Bones tries to join Instagram but discovers the handle @Bones has been taken by an adult film star.”) to long-overdue jokes about “Star Trek” (“In the final episode, Bones rips off a face mask and you find out she’s actually Dr. McCoy from ‘Star Trek.'”) and “Angel” (“Agent Booth reveals to Bones that he is, in fact, also Angel the vampire from [‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’].”). She also poked fun at the show’s iffy science by teasing the idea of Bones watching an episode of “NCIS” and calling it “unrealistic” before wrapping up with a jab at those who’d spent the 11 previous seasons predicting the series’ imminent demise.

It’s all a bit cringeworthy, but again, it’s faithful to the “Bones” ethos. When the show got silly, it did so in a go-for-broke nerdy manner that felt appropriate for its characters. It was also earnest and sentimental when it needed to be (which wasn’t easy at a time when snark and sass were all the rage in popular culture), and its fans clearly appreciated that. No spoiler in the world could take that away.

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