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Kurt Russell Mixed Up Star-Lord With Star Wars In Guardians Of The Galaxy


If you check out the special features on the home media release for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” you’ll see several outtakes where Kurt Russell keeps referring to Chris Pratt’s character as “Star Wars.” When trying to stroke Quill’s ego, Ego says, “Well, even where I reside out past the edge of what’s known, we’ve heard tales about the man they call Star Wars.” Whoopsie doodle! Russell himself seemed to be aware of the slip of the tongue potentially being an ongoing issue, as he can be heard saying, “We could be in trouble.”

In a post from Twitter, that has since been deleted (via The Hollywood Reporter), director James Gunn was also amused by the repeated flub, calling it “the weirdest thing.” But every actor has a tendency to get hung up on certain lines. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong line reading to throw off an actor’s entire vibe on set. They get inside their own head, they forget the dialogue, and they’re focusing so hard on remembering what they’re supposed to say that they end up messing up something else. It can be a quick downward spiral, so having a good sense of humor in those moments is key. 

As Russell makes the error again, the actor can’t help but get amusingly exasperated with himself, saying, “We’ve heard tell of the man they call Star Wars. Ugh. Yes, Star Wars. He’s all of Star Wars. We’ve heard of the movie ‘Star Wars.'” It’s been said that the child known as “Star Wars” could be seen hanging out with Ricky Bobby’s children Walker and Texas Ranger from “Talladega Nights.” Perhaps that’s why the saga has become a bit of a rascally misfit in recent years. 

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