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Star Trek Replaced 80% Of The Dialogue In Miri


One of the more notable elements in Spies’ original script was a relationship between Kirk and Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney). In the early days of “Star Trek,” Kirk and Rand had many scenes together, and some viewers thought the two characters may be developing romantic chemistry. Whitney, sadly, was fired from the show for — as she was told — that very reason. The producers wanted Kirk to be single and felt that him having a semi-girlfriend would be detrimental to the series. Whitney later revealed in her 1998 autobiography “The Longest Trek” that she was also likely fired after being horribly assaulted by one of the “Star Trek” producers. Whitney, luckily, survived. She outlived her attacker, recovered from a bout with addiction, and made it to the age of 85.

The original script for “Miri,” as it were, featured a romance between Rand and Kirk, with Rand getting an excellent speech about how she was thinking of leaving the Enterprise. It was also the only time Rand’s age would be given (24). Her speech in the original script was as follows:

“(a half whisper) It’s so stupid, such a waste… (turning to him) Sir, do you know all I can think about? …( shaking her head, disapproving of her own unmilitary way) My age, the fact that I’ve … only had 24 years of life … (another shake of her head — wistful) 24, sir, and afraid … scared …” 

After an exchanged with Kirk, Rand adds, “When we get back, sir … put in for a dry-eyed Yeoman …” Kirk then asks if she’s going to leave the ship, but she doesn’t answer.

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