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The Bear Season 3 Finale’s Photo of Bradley Cooper, Explained


Cooper’s character from “Burnt,” Adam Jones, is a chef at a high-class French restaurant. Or rather, he was a chef at a French restaurant, before his drug/temper problems killed his career. He goes off to New Orleans for a bit, then spends most of the film in London. Meanwhile, we know Carmy spent some time in Europe, most notably in Copenhagen. The details beyond this are sort of fuzzy. 

Given that Carmy started his culinary career at least 8-9 years before the start of the series in 2022, it’s technically possible that Carmy and Adam crossed paths at some point. Both characters have worked Michelin-rated restaurants and have a clear interest in dining at new, impressive places. They may not have been coworkers, but it wouldn’t be a huge shocker if Carmy ever dined at Adam’s restaurant. Cooper appearing on “The Bear” as Adam would be unlikely, but it’s not impossible. Season 3 had cameos from Josh Hartnett and John Cena, so Cooper certainly wouldn’t be out of reach as a guest star.

The real significance of the “Burnt” reference, however, has nothing to with whether Adam and Carmy might know each other. Rather, Adam might’ve been given a shoutout in “The Bear” simply because he’s a troubled, self-centered chef with a tendency to drive his friends away. Sound familiar? Perhaps Cooper/Adam’s brief shoutout here is a subtle indication of the sort of toxic person Carmy will become if he doesn’t change his ways: a warning to Carmy to stop dwelling on the past and start building a better future. 

This may not sound as exciting as a legit Bradley Cooper cameo in “The Bear” season 4, but honestly, when it comes to the surprise celebrity appearances, “The Bear” already has more than enough.

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