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The Best TV Shows And Movies Leaving Netflix In July 2024


“Traffic” feels like a film time forgot, which is wild since it won a bunch of Oscars, including a Best Director award for Steven Soderbergh. Perhaps folks think the film’s “war on drugs” subject matter has been dated, and maybe it has. But having recently revisited the film for the first time in years, I can attest to the fact that this is a solid, crackling, excellent adult drama. Adapted from a British TV series, “Traffic” is a sprawling narrative that follows several characters and their connection to the illegal drug trade. Michael Douglas is a tough-on-drugs politician whose daughter becomes addicted to meth, Benicio del Toro (in an Oscar-winning role) is a Mexican cop, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a pregnant woman who gets mixed up in dirty deeds once she learns her husband is a drug lord. Soderberg and screenwriter Stephen Gaghan cut in and out of these stories, forming one big narrative that showcases not just the insidiousness of drug addiction but also the powerlessness of government agencies to really do anything about it. 

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