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HOTD Season 2 Invented Alicent and Rhaenyra’s Secret Meeting For the Show


The climactic moment of this week’s episode involves Rhaenyra dressing up as a nun and sneaking into Alicent’s place of private worship. Is it a little ridiculous? Maybe, but because “Fire & Blood” is largely based on public records in the “Game of Thrones” universe, technically this scene doesn’t contradict the source material. It’s unlikely that the book version of these characters would meet under these circumstances, but it wouldn’t have been impossible for them to do this without any grand maesters finding out about it.

Ultimately, their conversation’s so compelling that the logistics of how it happened barely even matter; it’s cathartic to see these two finally get to talk candidly after so many episodes apart. They finally get to clear up the misunderstanding around Viserys’ last words (well, sort of), and at least express their regrets over Lucerys and Jaehaerys’ deaths. They can’t prevent the war, but they at least get the clarity that comes with knowing the other isn’t actively out to get them. Whatever happens from this point forward, Alicent will always know that Rhaenyra tried to stop it, and Rhaenyra at least knows that Alicent isn’t taking joy in anything bad that’ll happen to her from hereon out.

It’s particularly satisfying because book Rhaenyra and book Alicent never get such moment of clarity. They don’t meet again until the war’s mostly over, at which point all the damage has already been done. If the show had stayed true to this and denied the two any more screentime together, that would make all the extra focus on the pair’s relationship feel sort of extraneous. By bringing them back together for one big, surprising scene, the show has provided some much-needed payoff to all that early build-up.

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