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HOTD Season 2 May Have Revealed the Origins of Daenerys’ Dragons


Nobody expected “House of the Dragon” creator/showrunner Ryan Condal and his writing team to stop the show in its tracks and announce every time they decided to draw parallels between the original “Game of Thrones” — but, honestly, that’s exactly what they might as well have done in episode 3. To help sooth Rhaena’s understandable reluctance to babysit her young relatives on a thankless mission far away from the excitement of war, Rhaenyra sends along a quartet of dragon eggs as both a show of trust and a matter of pragmatism. Should Team Black be forced to abandon their island stronghold or even lose the war to Team Green, at least some hope for the future will be preserved by Rhaena through these dragon eggs. While their initial destination is the mountain fortress of the Eyrie, Rhaenyra instructs her young relative to take her children all the way over the Narrow Sea to the city of Pentos, where Rhaena lived with her parents Daemon (Matt Smith) and Laena (Nanna Blondell) in season 1.

As it turns out, this lines up perfectly with how Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) first receives her fateful dragon eggs back in season 1 of “Game of Thrones.” While living as a refugee with her feckless brother Viserys (Harry Lloyd), they end up as guests of a wealthy magistrate in Pentos. When forced to marry the warrior Khal Drago (Jason Momoa), Dany’s presented with a gift of three fossilized dragon eggs — all of which match up quite well with the colors of the eggs as seen in “House of the Dragon.” These, of course, eventually hatch and provide Dany the means to eventually conquer Westeros. Those seeds may have just been planted, centuries earlier.

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