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Josh Hartnett Is A Cornered Animal In The New Trailer For M. Night Shyamalan’s Trap


Hayley Mills, whom you may recognize as the star of the original “The Parent Trap” or from her role as one of the teachers, Miss Bliss, in the early seasons of “Saved By The Bell,” plays a woman who seems to be organizing this elaborate ruse to catch Hartnett’s character. I suspect there’s a deeper relationship going on between The Butcher and this woman — could she be his former therapist, or maybe an FBI profiler who’s let him slip through her fingers in the past? Either way, watching Hartnett slink through this situation, right amid the officers who are trying to capture him, while he tries to sow chaos and potentially escape is riveting. I also love the vertical lines motif that runs throughout this trailer — they look like blinds, and in the montage near the end, two images play out at once, displayed on the alternating slats. Is that visual a tease from M. Night Shyamalan that the audience is “blind” to what’s really going on in this story?

We’ll find out when “Trap” arrives in theaters on August 2, 2024.

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