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Shondaland Dominate Nielsen Streaming Charts, ‘Your Honor’ Enters


Driven by the release of Season 3A, Netflix’s Shondaland series Bridgerton remained atop the Nielsen overall Top 10 streaming chart for a third consecutive week with 1.38 billion viewing minutes for all existing seasons logged between May 27-June 2, down 37% from the previous week.

In addition to boosting previous Bridgerton seasons, the new episodes of the Regency era romance drama also buoyed prequel Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story which returned to the Originals Top 10 with 274 million viewing minutes (#9).

Meanwhile, the Shonda Rhimes-created Grey’s Anatomy held steady with 1.197 billion viewing minutes to rank #3 overall. That gave Rhimes’ Shondaland three entries on the Nielsen weekly charts, all attracting audiences that were at least three-quarters female.

Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy and NCIS, Top 10 mainstays thanks to their popular — and massive — libraries, also have benefitted from the March adjustment to Nielsen’s Streaming Content Ratings that now capture viewing of new network-aired episodes once they’ve hit the affiliated streaming service. For instance, during the week of May 27, the two most recent Grey’s episodes on Hulu (S20:E9, S20:E10) accounted for nearly 10% of its viewing total despite only representing 0.5% of the Grey’s catalog.

Notable chart climbers the week of May 27 include Hulu’s limited series Under The Bridge, which saw a 57% jump from previous week to 345 million viewing minutes (#8 among Originals) with the release of its finale.

Similarly, with the series finale, Paramount+’s Star Trek: Discovery made it back on the Originals chart (#10) with 269 million viewing minutes driven by nostalgia as two-thirds of the viewing was done by people over 50.

Former Showtime series Your Honor is shaping up to be the next case of The Netflix Effect. The legal drama, which produced two seasons, generated 544 million viewing minutes in its first three days on Netflix as well as on its permanent streaming home, Paramount+. That was strong enough for #9 on the Acquired list as the series starts its Nielsen ascend.

Here is the main Nielsen streaming chart:

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