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The Crooked Man Trailer Introduces Jack Kesy’s Hellboy


With each new “Hellboy” movie reboot, it’s hard not to wistfully think of what del Toro’s “Hellboy 3” might have been. The 2019 reboot with Harbour was a major box office flop, even with a restrained (for a comic book movie) $50 million budget, and the budget has been reigned in a lot more this time around. There’s some decidedly dodgy CGI in the trailer for “Hellboy: The Crooked Man” and in places it does feel a little like a fan-made movie.

That said, it’s hard to resist a horror movie set in the Appalachian mountains, and this is definitely a more interesting direction to go in than a generic superhero plot or (god forbid) another origin story. The movie is directly based on a “Hellboy” comic book arc from 2008, and the small glimpse of the titular villain that we get is suitably creepy. The Hellboy make-up also strikes a nice balance; unlike Harbour, Kesy doesn’t appear to be buried under so many layers of prosthetics that he can’t emote. 

What the hell(boy)! Let’s give one more reboot a chance.

“Hellboy: The Crooked Man” doesn’t yet have a release date, but the trailer says it’s “coming soon.”

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