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The Dog In Gremlins Was A Very Good Boy Who Thought The Monsters Were Real


According to star Zach Galligan, he was brought in “about 10 or 12 days before shooting” in order to develop a bond with Mushroom the dog. “So they would drive me out to Warner Bros., to where Ray Berwick, the animal coordinator, was,” Galligan said. “And I would spend an hour with Mushroom, giving him treats, throwing balls, playing with him, petting him, giving him more treats. And it worked.”

I just want to add that if a studio wants to drive me out somewhere to hang out with a dog, I’m available. Hit me up, Warner Bros.! Anyway, Joe Dante also weighed in, confirming that lovable Mushroom thought Gizmo and the gremlin props were alive. “We had a great dog in the movie who thought the puppets were real,” Dante said. “We got a lot of great stuff from this dog. I mean, he would just surprise us in these scenes. The dog and Corey Feldman were the actors who most related to the puppets as if they were actually alive.”

The fact that both the dog and Corey Feldman treated the puppets as real is charming as hell, I gotta say. As for Mushroom, it’s worth noting that “Gremlins” wasn’t his only big screen role. He also appeared in the horror movie “Pumpkinhead.” There’s no word on whether or not he thought the giant Pumpkinhead animatronic puppet was real, though. 

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