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Awkwafina, John Cena Win Deadly Lottery In New Comedy


Amazon MGM Studios just dropped the trailer for Jackpot!, the upcoming action-comedy starring Awkwafina, John Cena and Simu Liu. Jackpot! debuts on Prime Video August 15.

Directed by Paul Feig, Jackpot! stars Awkwafina as Katie, a wannabe actor who, in 2030, wins the lucrative, multi-billion-dollar “Grand Lottery” jackpot. She has until sundown to collect her prize, but there’s a catch: Anyone who kills the winner and grabs the ticket can lay claim to the fortune.

Enter Cena’s Noel Cassidy, an “amateur lottery protection agent” tasked with making sure Katie lives long enough to claim the money. In exchange, he gets a piece of the jackpot.

Simu Liu plays rival protection agent Louis Lewis, owner of the largest lottery protection agency in L.A. He also wants to collect Katie’s commission.

Also featured in the cast are Ayden Mayeri, Donald Elise Watkins, Sam Asghari and Murray Hill.

Written by Rob Yescombe, Jackpot! is produced by Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Paul Feig, and Laura Fischer, with John Cena, Michelle Morrissey, Rob Yescombe and Zack Roth exec producing.

Check out the trailer above.

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