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Bob Iger Gets Snow White Service Award As He Marks 50 Years At Disney


A Disney company tradition calls for longtime employees to be recognized with Service Awards on their major anniversaries. Popular collectable items, the awards come in the form of intricate — and somewhat creepy — bronze statuettes of famous Disney characters.

The tradition travels all the way to the top, with CEO Bob Iger today sharing his 50-Year Service Award “recognizing 50 magical years with the Walt Disney Company.” He posted a photo of the personalized Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs statue on Instagram alongside a message reflecting on his half a century at Disney and predecessor Capital Cities/ABC.

“I started my career at ABC 50 years ago today and the business has certainly changed a lot since then! But at the end of the day, success still hinges on one thing: great storytelling,” he wrote. “I’m proud to work alongside so many talented colleagues who create exceptional stories and experiences for the world to enjoy… truly the ride of a lifetime!”

Iger joined ABC in 1974 and had been at Disney ever since, save for the 11 or so months of retirement in 2022, which seem to have been counted toward his 50-year tenure.

Other characters who headline Disney Service Awards include Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse (10 years), Simba (20 years), Tinker Bell (25 years), Jiminy Cricket (30 years) and Pinocchio (35 years).

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