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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Ending Explained


Despite Bobby agreeing to partner up with Axel in order to continue digging into the case, he tries to help with the Jane situation by explaining how he had an absentee father of his own, and how much it meant to him when he reconnected with the man years later, whereupon the father apologized for his actions.

As Axel lets that sink in, the duo visit a bar which is a known hangout for Sam’s uncle, the cartel drug lord Chalino (Luis Guzmán), who is apparently a big fan of karaoke. Offering to help his nephew if he’ll give some information on Grant, Chalino explains how the operation works, how the drugs are brought into the city via the pier, and how Billy has been taken hostage.

Armed with this new knowledge, Axel and Bobby are waylaid by Grant and his men, arrested outside the bar, and taken into custody. While there, Grant once again attempts to appeal to Axel’s police loyalty, explaining how after suffering an injury on the job and receiving only a ribbon as reciprocation caused him to start putting together operations and deals with the cartels. Axel is having none of it, dismissing Grant as a blowhard who’s seen too many movies. To prove his point, Axel stages a breakout that makes it look like he’s escaped through a vent in the holding room, only to knock out Grant when the latter arrives to investigate.

Freeing Bobby, Axel leads his new partner to the roof where a helicopter awaits, only for Bobby to reveal his deep anxiety about getting back behind the stick, given that the last helicopter he piloted crashed. Left with no other option, the boys fly off the roof in the chopper, taking a wild ride across LA before finally coming down in a country club’s golf course (which, in a sly nod to “Happy Gilmore,” is currently being used by a man played by Christopher “Shooter” McDonald).

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