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Keke Jabbar’s Family Friend Addresses Death Of ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star


Keke Jabbar, a reality TV personality featured on Love & Marriage: Huntsville, died at the age of 42, and a close friend is sharing details of what caused her death.

YouTuber JoAnn Jenkins, who featured Jabbar on her live streams frequently, is setting the record straight on the reality TV star.

“Keke did not overdose, Keke did not take her own life,” Jenkins said on her YouTube stream. “Keke loved life. Keke was not ready to leave life. She wasn’t ready to leave her children, her husband or her family.”

Jenkins noted to her viewers that when Jabbar was sleepy, she would “go to sleep wherever,” and after visiting her sisters, revealing, “She left her sisters about four in the morning.”

“Last night, she turned her car off and she fell asleep,” Jenkins continued. “Her car was not functioning [and there] was something already wrong with her car.”

Jenkins said that she was about to share “the official statement from her mother” about how Jabbar died, adding, “So, seven-something this morning, her husband goes to the garage. He sees Keke, what he thinks is asleep in the car. He tries to get her attention. He opens [the car] up. She isn’t breathing. Her husband, her life partner, her best friend tried to bring his wife back, the mother of his children, and he couldn’t … Keke passed from carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s it. That is all.”

“My sister didn’t want to leave this Earth, she didn’t want to leave her kids. She didn’t want to leave her husband,” she continued. “There was no turmoil going on in her life. She had a lot of great things to look forward to.”

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