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Lily Allen Starts OnlyFans Account for Her Feet


Lily Allen is dipping her toes in the OnlyFans pool.

In fact, the “Smile” singer has launched an account on the subscription-based platform—which is known to host NSFW content—solely for pictures of her feet.

On July 2, Lily shared footage from her and husband David Harbour‘s trip to Italy, including a video of her leg dangling next to a fountain. However, she covered her bare foot with an emoji of a heart in the colors of the Italian flag, writing on Instagram Story, “La dolce feeta.”

The post was accompanied by a link to her OnlyFans page, where the 39-year-old jokingly wrote in the description, “Just here for the shoes.”

And Lily has always been comfortable in tapping into taboo. As she recently noted, “I’m quite into normalizing everything that people are ashamed about in themselves.”

“I’m always wanting to do that,” Lily said on the June 17 episode of her Miss Me? podcast with cohost Miquita Oliver. “To me, that’s what art is.”

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