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Nico Hofmann & Beta Film Unveil First Slate


German producer Nico Hofmann has unveiled a slate of projects he is working up as part of a partnership with Beta Film. Veteran producer Hofmann left UFA Film to strike out on his own, partnering with longtime collaborator Jan Mojto, CEO of Beta Film, and Beta Film/Intaglio Films producer Jan Wünschmann earlier this year.

The quartet of projects include a six-part series inspired by award-winning journalist Thomas Hüetlin’s soon-to-be-published novel ‘Man Lebt Sein Leben Nur Einmal’ (You Only Live Once), about film star and pioneering feminist Marlene Dietrich.

Another six-part series in prospect is an adaptation of Tilman Lahme 1920s-set novel ‘Die Manns – Geschichte Einer Familie’ (The Manns – Story of a Family). The story will be told through the eyes of the younger generation finding their place in a changing world.

There are two adaptations in the works based on European Book Prize winner Maxim Leo’s novels. Bestselling ‘Wo wir zu Hause sind’ (Where We Are At Home) and his latest book ‘Wir Werden Jung Sein’ (We Will Be Young) have both been optioned. Beta said they “offer a timely, profound, and deeply personal exploration of themes such as origin, identity, and social conditions” and Leo has “contributed significantly with his literary achievement to the cross-generational understanding of German and European history.”

Speaking at a Munich press conference, Mojto said the idea is to form an independently-minded partnership with Hofmann focused on content, and not corporate structure and bureaucracy. Hoffman also said he was enjoying the freedom of being an indie player after so long in a corporate environment.

Hofmann conceded it is a difficult time in the German and international drama business, but struck a positive note, suggesting middling drama will not cut through, but there will always be an appetite for the best projects.

Hofmann told Deadline he wants to focus his efforts on content and talent. “It’s all about the content, if you look at the past twenty or twenty-five years at UFA all of the big successes were based on strong talent; we are focusing only on the talent structure and finding the best talent.”

The emphasis is on German talent and stories. “Big successes – Generation War, Deutschland 83 and others – they were all German. I’m focusing more than ever on a strong product coming from Germany, and if it’s strong here I’m pretty sure it will travel.”

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