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U.K. Superhero Series Supacell Hits Netflix’s Top 3


“Supacell” hales from rapper/filmmaker Andrew Onwubolu, aka Rapman. The multi-talented British artist made waves in 2019 with his YouTube series turned feature directing debut “Blue Story,” a crime drama that employed unique theatrical flourishes to tell a story about working-class Black teenagers coming of age against the backdrop of gang violence in Deptford and Peckham. “Supacell” carries over many of the same elements as it follows a disparate group of Black South Londoners — whose ranks include financially-strapped parents, struggling nurses, hardened gang leaders, and youthful drug dealers — as they find themselves in the crosshairs of a sinister organization thanks to their newfound powers.

While only a handful of critics have weighed in on “Supacell” for the moment, those who have came away impressed, as evidenced by its 100% score and 7.5 out of 10 average rating from eight reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. According to FlixPatrol, which tracks streaming viewership across the globe, the show found its way to the number one or two spot in most countries with Netflix by July 1 and is still holding steady as of this writing. The situation brings to mind what happened with “Baby Reindeer” earlier this year, as Scotsman Richard Gadd’s auto-biographical series was another case of a humble non-American show becoming a surprise international hit on Netflix thanks to buzz around its radical, personal storytelling.

Indeed, much like “Blue Story,” critics are heaping praise on “Supacell” for bringing verisimilitude and a real vision to its tried-and-true tropes. “It’s genuinely homegrown, a tribute to creator and writer Rapman’s roots and life experience, and that pays off in practically every shot,” writes Alex Godfrey, reviewing the show for Empire Magazine. If this is what the future of superheroes looks like, consider my interest piqued.

“Supacell” is now streaming on Netflix.

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