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New Jaws LEGO Set Coming in August


Aboard the boat, you’ll get Brody, Hooper, and Qunt, as well as all the important accessories needed for shark hunting: a revolver, compass, fishing rod, harpoon, spear, and the yellow barrels used to keep the stealthy shark visible in the water. The boat itself also has a removable roof with cool details inside, as well as an adjustable boom and rigging.

The diorama stand itself is made for display, complete with a little LEGO plaque featuring the movie’s most famous quote: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” a line that is often slightly misquoted. It’s similar to the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” LEGO set that was released for the “Indiana Jones” franchise not too long ago, which also featured a famous quote from the movie, although the “Jaws” set doesn’t have as many technic pieces giving it moving parts.

Speaking of quotes, here’s one from Johnny Campbell, the fan designer who created the LEGO Ideas set that inspired the official “Jaws” LEGO set:

“‘Jaws’ is my favourite movie of all-time, so I really wanted to recreate it in LEGO bricks. LEGO building has always been a part of my life in some shape or form but in order to get all of the finer details, I actually freeze-framed JAWS as I watched it so that I could catch a glimpse of the finer details taking notes as I went along. It is just mind-blowing that my design is now an official LEGO set. I can’t wait to stand in a LEGO shop looking at the shelves and seeing a set that I have been involved with and watching someone buying it. It’s every LEGO fan’s dream!

So, how can you get it? The “Jaws” LEGO set goes up for pre-order for LEGO Insiders starting on August 3, 2024, and it will be on sale for everyone else beginning on August 6. The retails price will be $149.99 at The LEGO Shop. Happy hunting!

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