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Prodigy Season 2’s Time Travel Explained as Simply as Possible


And we’re not even done with the first season. 

But to continue: the ship that went to Solum to engage in First Contact was the U.S.S. Protostar, commanded by Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran). After First Contact, the Protostar flew through a wormhole that deposited it 52 years in the future, where it subsequently witnessed the devastating effects of the Solum civil war. The Diviner captured the Porotstar and armed it with the Living Construct — a virus that causes Federation ships to automatically attack each other — hoping to send it back to its original time and prevent First Contact. Chakotay instead sent the ship back 52 years through the time hole, and aim it out into a random spot in space. 

The Protostar landed near the mining colony where Dal and his friend were imprisoned, and that’s where “Prodigy” begins. The first season ended with the Protostar kids overcoming the Diviner, uncovering his plan, and returning to Federation space. 

Chakotay, however, was still stranded 52 years in the future. At the beginning of the second season of “Prodigy,” the real-life Janeway sets off on a rescue mission in a new ship, the Voyager-A. Dal and co. are now Starfleet trainees, and are allowed to come along. Janeway explains to the audience that the time hole Chakotay flew through is still out there in the same location, but that it’s unstable and may collapse soon. She has to work fast. 

Also, and this is notable, time moves forward at the same rate on the other side of the wormhole, so if an hour passes in the present, an hour also passes 52 years in the future. Chakotay has been in the Diviner’s future prison for a while. 

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