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John Tucker Must Die’ Sequel Latest From Brittany Snow & Penn Badgley


Brittany Snow and Penn Badgley, who co-starred in the 2006 high school comedy John Tucker Must Die, said in this week’s episode of Badgley’s podcast Podcrushed that while they’ve heard there is a sequel in development, they have not been contacted about it.

News of a sequel script first surfaced in March during a John Tucker cast reunion panel at Epic Cons Chicago, where star Jesse Metcalfe and co-star Arielle Kebbel both confirmed one had been written and “we are very proud of it,” Kebbel said, confirming she was a producer on it.

At the time, all the assembled cast members — Metcalfe, Kebbel and Sophia Bush — confirmed they were game, but little has been said since on the project. So little in fact that Snow brought it up to Badgley on the most recently episode of his podcast.

“I don’t know if you’ve had a call, but I’ve gotten no call,” Snow said. “Yeah, I’ve had no call, no,” he responded.

Said Snow: “I have been talking to Arielle about this for years because she was trying to get it off the ground, but I didn’t know what happened. … That was the last I had heard of it, was that she was trying to make it happen, and I guess she did? I will read whatever — they’ve worked really hard.”

The original film, distributed by 20th Century Fox before the studio was sold to Disney, was directed by Betty Thomas. Kebbel, Ashanti and Bush played friends who find out they are all dating Metcalfe’s John Tucker, and use Snow in a scheme to plot their revenge. Badgley played John’s brother.

It opened to $14.3 million at the box office in July 2006 and went on to gross $68.8 million globally.

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