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Every Season Of Parks And Rec, Ranked


There’s nothing outright wrong with “Parks and Recreation” season 6, but in some ways, it feels like the season time forgot. The seventh season is remembered for its weddings, babies, and promotions, and each season before this is defined by its own excellent character milestone (season 5, for example, sees Leslie marry Ben and work as a city council member). Yet season 6 features a mash-up of disparate plotlines that are the hallmark of what typically turns out to be a penultimate season: a sign that the show is creatively winding down. Unsatisfied with focusing on Leslie’s day-to-day life on the city council, the show moves quickly to a re-election plotline, then to her pregnancy.

What it lacks in narrative coherence, though, season 6 makes up for in hilarity. This season is responsible for a handful of the show’s most enduring jokes, from “The Cones of Dunshire” to the Eagleton doppelgangers. This is also the season in which Ron reveals the will he wrote as an eight-year-old (it include symbols that only the “man or animal” who kills him will understand), while Chris (Rob Lowe) coins the term “boob hats,” and that counts for something. Plus, the political commentary here is sharp, whether the show is skewering the messed-up filibuster system or increasingly ill-informed and outlandish politicians (Councilman Jamm, anyone?).

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