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The Best Horror Movies Streaming in July 2024


Streaming on Peacock.

Look, I could’ve put the original “Jaws” on here, but … do I really need to? Is there anything more to even say about “Jaws” at this point? It’s a perfect movie. I just revisited it for the umpteenth time on the 4th of July, and you know what? It still rules. That Steven Spielberg guy, let me tell ya — he knows what he’s doing! So rather than rehash the same stuff about “Jaws” yet again, I decided to give “Jaws 2” a spotlight. To be clear: “Jaws 2” is nowhere near as good as “Jaws.” Not even close. But it is kind of a fun, cheesy sequel that almost feels like a slasher movie, where the slasher just happens to be a shark. Once again, the shores of Amity Island are plagued by a great white shark, and once again, Roy Scheider’s Chief Martin Brody is sounding the alarm. You’d think after the events of the first film that Brody would earn the benefit of the doubt, but the powers-that-be running Amity once again think he’s overreacting — until it becomes clear he’s not. Meanwhile, a group of kids (including Brody’s own son) have gone out sailing and are now being picked off by the shark one by one. Again, is this as good as Spielberg’s original? Absolutely not! But it’s still pretty fun. 

Stream this if you like “Jaws,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and boating enthusiast teens being eaten by a shark. 

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