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Bones’ Creators Were Going To Name The Show After Its Female Lead


While Brennan was at the center of every episode, the show did evolve into an ensemble piece (although Deschanel and Boreanaz were two of just four actors to appear in every episode of “Bones”). So, it only seems fitting that their chemistry informed the decision to change the title and, ultimately, the direction of the show from thereon out.

“Booth was gonna play one of many cops that [Brennan] interacted with. He was gonna be the most prominent, but not in every episode,” Hanson once explained, discussing a scene in the “Bones” pilot that changed the course of the show. But the chemistry between Deschanel and Boreanaz was undeniable and that informed the creative direction beyond that first episode. It wasn’t just going to be the Brennan show, it was going to be the Brennan and Booth show.

Had the “Brennan” title stuck, it’s easy to see how that might have informed what happened in the development process. Maybe it would have been more of a single-perspective show as opposed to an ensemble piece. Maybe Booth would have been around, but not as a lead character. Would that show have been as successful? Maybe not. Maybe we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about it seven years after it went off the air. Every decision matters when it comes to securing ever-elusive success in television. It’s a peculiar puzzle, but that’s kind of what’s great about it.

“Bones” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

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