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Brad Pitt Goes To War On The Race Track In F1 Teaser Trailer


There are no sure things in this world, but a Joseph Kosinski-directed, Jerry Bruckheimer-produced sports flick set in the breakneck 200-mph world of Formula 1 racing sounds about as can’t-miss as mega-budget studio movies get. Throw in Brad Pitt starring as a veteran driver seeking redemption and a supporting cast of Kerry Condon, Javier Bardem and the should-be-a-star-by-now Damson Idris (the breakout lead of John Singleton’s FX series “Snowfall), and Warner Bros. has to be expecting a global box-office windfall out of “F1” in 2025.

But aren’t auto racing films a commercial crap shoot if the cars aren’t animated or capable of gravity-defying maneuvers while their drivers prattle about the importance of family? Though “Ford v. Ferrari” was a hit for 20th Century Fox in 2019, moviegoers, particularly in the U.S., failed to turn out in droves for the likes of “Gran Turismo,” “Logan Lucky” and “Rush.” No one knows this better than Bruckheimer, whose massively expensive “Days of Thunder” stalled out in 1990 despite reuniting the bankable “Top Gun” team of Tom Cruise and director Tony Scott.

Now that Americans have embraced Formula 1 in record numbers (the 2024 Miami Grand Prix posted the highest U.S. television ratings ever for the sport last May), Bruckheimer, whose re-teaming with his “Top Gun: Maverick” ace Kosinski, should have pole position when “F1” hits theaters next year. And while that’s a long way off, there’s no harm in priming the pump with a teaser trailer during the worldwide broadcast of the British Grand Prix. 

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