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Futurama Season 12 Will Guest Star Cara Delevingne


In an interview for the latest issue of SFX, Cohen revealed that Delevingne will appear as herself (head only, natch) on an episode titled “Attack of the Clothes.” What’s it all about? Per Cohen:

“We have a fast-fashion episode about the price we may pay in the future for our disposable clothing that we’re now wearing. She came in to play her head, which gets attached to a Frankenstein’s monster-like creature that the Professor creates. The unexpected direction that one goes in is that it’s very hard to find clothing for this misshapen creature. So the Professor has to create this specialized clothing, and that becomes a hit.”

The fashion scene is a strange new world for the “Futurama” team to explore. “To me, it’s like a classic Futurama episode with subject matter we’ve never touched before,” said Cohen. “We’re still finding some things to comment on that we haven’t hit yet in the first 160 episodes.”

The idea of the Professor becoming a haute couture hit sounds like an inspired bit of comedic business for the series. As for finally giving Delevingne a sizable speaking part, perhaps this will be the casting coup that at long last expands the “Futurama” fan base. After all, while Delevingne is a star in her own right, she’s also tight with the pop cultural empress of the world, Taylor Swift. Could a Swiftie influx be on the horizon for Fry, Bender and the motley Planet Express crew?

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