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Godzilla Minus One Is Getting A 4K & Blu-Ray Release – But There’s A Catch


As an avid collector of physical media, as an avid “Godzilla” fan, and as someone who loved “Minus One” dearly, I’m personally thrilled about the release. I’ll add this to my shelf and dig into these discs happily. That said, some collectors might be happy to have a more modest, standard release that costs somewhere between $20 and $30 that they could order on Amazon with free shipping. That’s a reasonable expectation. In that way, this release might initially seem a little disappointing.

That said, this is just the first official physical release announced for the U.S. Let’s be real about this for a second: “Minus One” is the biggest Japanese “Godzilla” movie at the box office ever. It’s a widely acclaimed hit that became the first entry in this franchise’s 70 year history to win an Oscar. It’s more than a little likely that another physical release at a lower price point will be announced at some point. Toho is just catering to the hardcore collectors out of the gate. Everyone else might just need to exercise a little patience.

In any event, it’s nice that this movie is getting a physical release at all. Increasingly, such things aren’t guaranteed. Movies like “Barbarian” and “The Empty Man” still aren’t available on Blu-ray. It is, at the very least, comforting that a movie this good will be available in some form for those who want it.

The “Godzilla Minus One Deluxe Japan Collector’s Edition” Blu-ray is expected to arrive in September. You can pre-order a copy now at Godzilla.com, where you can also check out a full breakdown of the set’s full special features disc by disc.

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