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Jon Stewart Compares Election To The Bachelor


Following President Joe Biden‘s debate with Donald Trump, Jon Stewart can’t help but wonder which candidate will get the country’s final rose.

As the comedian returned to The Daily Show on Monday, he compared the presidential race to The Bachelor amid concerns that there’s not enough time to replace Biden on the Democratic ticket ahead of the November 5 election.

“Four months is for-fucking-ever,” he said. “Britain just held an election in two months. France had two in one month, defeated fascism and still had time to have an affair with Denmark.”

Stewart continued, “Four months is 119 days. There are contestants on The Bachelor, who haven’t even met yet, that will get married and divorced between now and the election. We have nothing but time.”

ABC previously renewed The Bachelor for season 29 in May, and production on the dating show is underway.

Stewart’s monologue also name-dropped another reality TV staple, as well as a critically-acclaimed hit series, as he suggested the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Chicago would be a good opportunity to vote on a new candidate.

“On Tuesday, the winner could move on to the next round and then face Biden. They could face Biden,” he pitched the itinerary. “Wednesday will be an off day, bus tour to find the restaurant from The Bear. Thursday, the party emerges, energized, unified, sanctified. You could televise the entire proceeding for four days. You could call it, oh I don’t know, The Apprentice. I’m just spit-balling here.”

While Trump hosted NBC’s The Apprentice from 2004 to 2015, it’s also the title of an upcoming Ali Abbasi-helmed film about the former president, starring Sebastian Stan as Trump.

Although last month’s debate has raised concerns for Biden’s cognitive health, the president has since insisted that he won’t exit the race.

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