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‘The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert Jokes About Presidential Debate


The Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was held 11 days ago but the majority of late-night hosts have been off since it occurred.

Tonight was Stephen Colbert’s first chance to discuss the debate and he didn’t sugarcoat it.

The Late Show host said that he believes Joe Biden a great and successful President.

“So, should he stay? Should he go? Who am I to recommend? I don’t know what’s going on in Joe Biden’s mind. Something I apparently have in common with Joe Biden,” he said.

Colbert said that during the 90-minute CNN debate, Biden’s rival for the Presidency, former President Donald Trump “proved once again that he is demonstrably a monster”.

“Going into it, all Joe had to do was allay people’s fears that he was too old, but instead, Biden’s shakiness allowed Trump to get away with 90 minutes of lies, racism and weird golf brags, which is why a lot of people are saying this was the worst debate performance of all time. But I don’t think that’s fair. I think that Biden debated as well as Abraham Lincoln, if you dug him up right now,” he joked.

Expect the comedian to have more on the topic as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert returns from a couple of weeks off. Seth Meyers, host of NBC’s Late Night, will also likely weigh in, as might The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon.

It was Colbert’s friend and former colleague Jon Stewart who had the post-debate takes to himself in terms of late-night as the only host working (admittedly one day a week). The Daily Show host joked that both Biden and Trump should be using performance-enhancing drugs.

“If performance enhancing drugs will improve their lucidity, their ability to solve problems, and in one of the candidate’s cases, improve their truthfulness, morality and malignant narcissism, then suppository away,” he joked.

Watch the clip below.

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