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Disney+ Sets August Release Date For Korean Drama ‘The Tyrant’


Disney+ will release Korean drama The Tyrant on August 14, starring Jo Yoon-su, Kim Seon-ho and Cha

The plot revolves around the development of a cutting-edge virus as part of ‘The Tyrant Project,’ directed by a group of rogue scientists working within the South Korean government. The project aspires to elevate their country’s political power on the global stage.

However, before the project can be finalized, a group of U.S. agents uncover the plan and demand that all samples be handed over. The bioweapon is stolen during a secret handover between Korean and U.S. intelligence agencies, which leads to both governments and a black ops team going to war to recover the virus.

In The Tyrant, Jo Yoon-su (True Beauty, Juvenile Justice) stars as vengeful assassin Chae Jagyeong and Cha Seoungwon (Our Blues, A Korean Odyssey) as cold-blooded mercenary Lim Sang.

Kim Seon-ho (Start-Up, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) plays the role of Director Choe, the leader of the secret Korean project, while Kim Kangwoo (Le Grand Chef, Goodbye Mr. Black) stars as U.S. intelligence agent Paul.

Running for four episodes, The Tyrant is written and directed by Park Hoonjung (New World, The Witch: Part 1).

The Tyrant is another Korean title from Disney+’s 2024 slate, following the release of originals like A Shop for Killers, Impossible Heir, Blood Free and Uncle Samsik over the last few months.

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