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The Acolyte May Have a Palpatine Connection


Through the course of this episode, we’re reminded that the young Padawan Torbin (Dean-Charles Chapman) has taken midi-chlorian samples from Mae and Osha. Though they don’t offer a number for their strength in the Force, he does note that their M-count is exceedingly high. The concept of midi-chlorians were first introduced into the “Star Wars” canon proper in 1999’s “Episode I — The Phantom Menace,” yet only recently has the franchise started referring to it as an “M-count.” The term came to common use in the most recent seasons of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” which takes place in the immediate aftermath of the purge of the Jedi and the Imperial takeover of the Republic.

We know that Master Yoda also has a high midi-chlorian count, but that the Jedi had never seen a count higher than Anakin Skywalker’s. This leads us to believe that Mae and Osha are special, but not the vergance in the Force that Anakin Skywalker was.

Things get curious when Torbin realizes that the symbiotes within Mae and Osha are exactly the same. Even as identical twins, they would have similar genetic code, but midi-chlorians are unique and separate. So, why would the symbiotes themselves be identical? It leads one to wonder about cloning and what other process Mother Aniseya (Jodie Turner-Smith) would have resorted to in order to create her children.

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