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An Early Jaws Screening Had One Viewer Spewing Vomit


In 2018, a behind-the-scenes photo from “Jaws” began circulating online, depicting a child on an inflatable raft about to be devoured by a giant shark. As it turns out, this shot depicts a dummy of Alex Kintner that was originally made for “Jaws” but which was not shown in the final cut. As Bloody Disgusting explains, the documentary “The Shark is Still Working,” from the “Jaws” Blu-ray revealed how the dummy was built specifically to shoot a scene in which the mechanical shark emerges from the water and bites down on Kintner. According to the site, the scene was actually shot by second-unit director Joe Alves but was ultimately cut from the movie.

Could it be, then, that the mystery hurler from the first “Jaws” screening actually witnessed a version of the film with the original Kintner kill included? Was it this that caused such a dramatic reaction? Perhaps. But the other gem to come out of “The Shark is Still Working” was some 8mm footage from Vineyard resident Carole Fligor, who seemingly managed to capture some shots of the full Kintner kill being filmed, which you can see online here. But even in this footage, the kill doesn’t appear to have been all that graphic.

So, while that clears up the mystery of what happened to Alex Kintner’s full death scene, the mystery of what exactly prompted the unexpected test screening vomit remains unsolved. Still, at least “Jaws” can claim to have joined the pantheon of horror movies that made audiences physically sick. What’s more, Steven Spielberg did at least confirm the vomitter in question was not entirely put off by his experience, telling Vanity Fair, “The great news was, about five minutes later, he went right back to his seat.”

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