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Deadpool & Wolverine Forced Kevin Feige To Teach Marvel About A Sex Act


The newest film in the series, Shawn Levy’s “Deadpool & Wolverine,” is due in theaters this month, and its red-band trailers have already revealed that Disney was indeed willing to go the full nine, as it were. In one of the previews, Wade’s birthday party is interrupted by nightstick-toting baddies. He confronts them in the hallway and asks if the nightsticks are supposed to be scary. “Pegging isn’t new to me, friendo,” he says, “But it is for Disney.” He then looks right at the camera. Both he and the audience get to acknowledge in that moment that Disney has officially sanctioned a film series that featured a pegging scene. Audiences are going to attend “Deadpool & Wolverine” knowing that Levy and Reynolds intend to push the envelope.

According to his interview with Variety, Kevin Feige was open-minded when it came to the film’s R-rated material. In one of the movie’s bumpers, Renyolds, in character, turns to the camera and joked that Kevin Feige wouldn’t let him make a joke about cocaine. It seems that Feige did object to a cocaine joke, but only because he didn’t find it very funny, not because it involved illegal drugs.

Feige knew what he was up against, though, and found himself sharing some of his sexual knowledge with his underlings. As he explained:

“There’s a line in the red-band trailer — you don’t have to write this in the article, for crying out loud! — about pegging. […] I know what pegging is; it’s in the first ‘Deadpool’ movie. But there were people I work with who didn’t know what it was. I had to explain it to them.” 

When a man and a woman love each other very much …

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