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Romulus Footage Reveals Practical (and Very Scary) Xenomorphs


As if the wait for the release of “Alien: Romulus” couldn’t get any more difficult, the studio had to go and drop some brand-new footage that only makes the upcoming movie seem that much more like a can’t-miss event. The story focuses on Rain (played by Cailee Spaeny) and a whole new group of young scavengers on a derelict space station — one that, inevitably, ends up a house of horrors when xenomorphs are (somehow) unleashed on our overmatched protagonists. As Álvarez puts it in the featurette, “The whole idea behind this film was to really take it back to basics and make it a pure horror movie again.” The featurette doesn’t just show off its cast in action during the filming of “Romulus,” however, but it goes even further and reveals a few quick snapshots of what sure looks like another performer in a xenomorph suit at roughly the 50-second mark of the clip. Álvarez explains how this represents his approach to the entire film:

“As a fan of the franchise, I knew it needed to be gritty and grounded, so we built every creature for real.”

That certainly sounds like he means the facehuggers and xenomorphs (and who knows what else) were brought to life with an emphasis on making them feel as tangible and real as possible. There’s no getting around the fact that CGI is an important tool in the arsenal of most films these days, and one that’s an art in and of itself. But there’s no rule saying it can’t also coexist alongside practical effects, combining to make a movie like “Romulus” as terrifying as it can be. 

“Alien: Romulus” hits theaters August 16, 2024.

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