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The Boys Season 4’s Scariest Homelander Moment Was Improvised


Homelander arrives at the Vought laboratory with a gift of Fudgie the Whale, the signature ice cream cake sold at Carvel’s. What at first seems like a friendly visit quickly turns into Homelander by way of Jigsaw in “Saw.” He first challenges a scientist named Frank to a friendly game of waste basket basketball, a game he learned by watching Frank at his desk from inside an incinerator. As a child (then named John), Homelander was treated like a lab rat, and Frank put him inside a heat chamber to see just how invincible he was. “Even though my skin didn’t char, it still really hurt,” Homelander says, and then forces Frank into that same incinerator to be burned alive.

All of the scientists realize that they’re all at risk of Homelander’s wrath, so when he sets his sights on Marty, the audience watching knows there’s no good coming his way. Marty gave John the nickname “Squirt” when he was a teenager after he caught the young supe masturbating. It’s a pretty screwed-up comment for an adult in a position of power to make, and the shaming clearly stunted Homelander’s development and relationship with sex as an adult. As revenge, Homeland forces Marty to masturbate in front of the group while he mocks him for his inability to climax. He eventually uses his laser eyes to torch Marty’s genitals, but not before unleashing maniacal laughter. The situation is scary, to be sure, but that laugh is downright bone-chilling.

And according to Eric Kripke, it was all Antony Starr’s idea.

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