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The Jesse Plemons Scene In Civil War Made A Cast Member Cry


In the scene in question, rookie photojournalist Jessie (Cailee Spaeny) and a foreign correspondent named Bohai (Evan Lai) are captured by Plemons’ character and another soldier, who are in the process of dumping bodies into a mass grave. Joel, a Reuters journalist played by Wagner Moura, seasoned photojournalist Lee (Kirsten Dunst), who have both been traveling with Jessie, and Tony (Nelson Lee), a Hong Konger reporter who is friends with Joel, show up and try to diffuse the situation. Joel (wrongly) assumes that if they simply tell the soldiers they’re journalists, the soldiers will let them go. Instead, Plemons’ character proceeds to grill the reporters in a way that’s both weirdly amusing and incredibly terrifying. He kills both Bohai and Tony, and it’s pretty clear he’s going to kill the rest of the group, too. Luckily, Joel, Lee, and Jessie’s colleague, reporter Sammy (Stephen McKinley Henderson), drives up in the gang’s van and runs Plemons’ character over. 

It’s a genuinely frightening scene, heightened by both the tension of the moment and Plemons’ movie-stealing performance. This is the only scene Plemons is in, and he has very little screentime, and yet everything he does is electric (and very, very scary). “Civil War” is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital, and the physical disc release features a six-part documentary titled “Torn Asunder: Waging Alex Garland’s Civil War.” While being interviewed for the documentary, Wagner Moura talks about how much the scene got to him on an emotional level. 

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