Within 24 hours, the best football teams of the two continents have snatched their titles by beating their opponents. Argentina has won the Copa America by defeating Brazil on Brazilian soil On the other hand, Italy has become the champion by defeating England in the Euro final held in England This time it will be a football battle between Latin America and European champions According to Barca Blaugranes, CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American football, has already made the request to its European governing body, UEFA. So todays topic is about Argentina Vs Italy match.

What UEFA said about Argentina Vs Italy match?

So the Super Cup has been proposed where the best South American Argentina will face the best Italy in Europe. However, UEFA has not yet commented on the matter This type of football tournament is certainly not the first such initiative. So it is very sure that their are huge possibilities to see Argentina Vs Italy match in future as Super Cup title.

Earlier in 2016, the two champions of the two federations faced each other in such a tournament. Germany beat Chile 1-0 in the Confederations Cup final However, the talks are still at an early stage. If the proposal is accepted, Argentina could face Italy before the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Earlier, in 1975 and 1993, there was a separate football battle between the best of the two continents The first match was between France and Uruguay, while the second match was between Argentina and Denmark. For the first time, France became the champion and for the second time, Argentina became the best

Where could be held Maradona Super Cup?

Meanwhile, some foreign news agencies have reported that the special match will be held in memory of the late football star Diego Maradona. The news was fueled by a sports journalist’s tweet. In fact, Maradona himself was an Argentine, and in a club football jersey, he represented Italy’s Napoli on the world stage with his talent. So Maradona’s connection with the two champions this time is very strong Even in this case, the venue of the special match could be Napoli in Italy.